Carol is passionate and focused in assisting each individual find themselves through a results-focused alliance. Carol works with women who have lost touch with who they are due to life circumstances of supporting their long term partner and raising their family.

Carol left her career as a nurse to raise her own family. As her children grew older and more independent, Carol became determined to source strategies to grow and develop her own identity. Carol tried and adopted many things before realising her passion and talent in life coaching. Carol’s journey and life circumstances lead her to becoming a trained “Beyond Success” life coach.

About CarolCarol understands the commitment and focus required to make the necessary changes while still maintaining a loving and caring family hub.

Carol assists her clients to grow and follow their own personal dreams. She does this through listening and identifying strategies to help overcome limitations. Helping women to see their strengths, thus boosting their feelings of self-worth. Help and feel optimistic about what the future holds.

Carol’s own experiences of always being on the move due to her partners work commitments. Has given Carol first-hand knowledge of life as a FIFO wife and the difficulties women face while their partner is away.

Carol believes everyone could use a little nurturing of their own to help their own light to shine.

So what is it About Carol? By sharing insights from her own personal journey with other women. Carol is on a mission to help women feel good about themselves, their families and their future.

As We Are Liberated From Our Fear, Our Presence Automatically Liberates Others
……Marianne Williamson