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Q: Do you only coach women?
A: No! My primary audience is women whose partner or spouse works away from home. In some circumstances it can be the man in the relationship whose partner or spouse works away from home, I would be glad to offer the same level of support and assistance to men if asked.
Q: What if I'm not in a FIFO relationship?
A: We support any spouse whose partner works away from home Expats, Military, Truck drivers, Mining, Professional Athletes, including those spouses whose partners work extremely long and irregular hours i.e Doctors and lawyers, etc.
Q: Aren't all Life Coaches the same?
A: No! For the very same reason you are not the same as everybody else.Your life experiences and the way those events impact on you is what makes you, you! The secret is to choosing a Life Coach that you can relate too. Most Life Coaches offer the initial consultation free, this is to allow both of you to establish whether or not you are right for each other.
Q: How long will I need coaching?
A: No one knows you better than yourself, you will know when you have made the breakthrough required to achieve the desired outcome. Everyone is different and therefore it really does depend on the individual
Q: Why do you charge for this service?
A: Have you ever started an exercise routine only to give-up because it is too cold, or you don’t want to get out of bed because you had a late night and cannot be bothered getting up the next morning……….Ever used the excuse tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow! Famous last words………… / Started a new diet and lasted only a day! Couldn’t be bothered following the recipe or forgot to go down to the store and get the groceries. / If you commit to joining a gym and exercising with a friend, or invest in a diet plan with a buddy, you are more likely to succeed. Well no different when it comes to personal development, having your own life coach is a sure way to keep you inspired and motivated, whilst holding you accountable and focused. So you wont be doing it alone!
Did you know
Sports people and Entrepreneurs have known for a long time, that having a personal coach can give them the added value of archiving the best result in their performance as they possibly can. A good coach can see the areas you need to work on that most times you cannot see for yourself and they’re on your team supporting you all the way.