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Group Coaching – Thriving With Life


Get the  benefit of having other like minded women just like you around you on a fortnightly basis?

Would you like to be part of this unique group of women?

Looking for support or would like to share your story to help other women grow? Grab your opportunity to be a part of our Group Coaching.



Married Home Alone Book

Married Home Alone and Thriving – Inspiring stories and coping strategies from real women who have learned how to thrive whilst their partners work away.

Discover powerful coping strategies to go beyond just surviving to thriving!
Do you feel that you are only here for everyone else, and you’ve forgotten about you?
Are you feeling lonely because your partner works long hours, works away from home?

The Good News Is You Are Not Alone

There are many women out there who feel what you are feeling and are waiting to share an encouraging word with you! In Married Home Alone…and Thriving! Life coach Carol Shaw shares her heart with you by way of her own “Home Alone” story as well as the stories of nine other women like you. Married Home Alone…and Thriving! is a “must read” for all women who have lost themselves in the process of daily living!

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Rachel felt tears swelling in her eyes. She lowered her head and replied quietly, “Look I’m just angry. I feel so cheated. My life is more than this. I have things to contribute, too.”

James heaved a sigh. “Look, I just need a few more years. Just give me a few more, I can have the farm set up so that so that we can get a manger to look after it. Then we’ll take trips up the coast. we’ll be able to spend time – real time – with the kids. But I have to get the farm on it’s own first.”

Five Steps To Feeling Vibrant

Feeling Vibrant

Five Steps to Feeling Vibrant While Your Partner Works Away

Imagine your world happy. Everything would be bright and sunny even if outside was dull and raining.

Doesn’t that make you feel good and excited to be alive? To enjoy the world around us more and be willing to be involved in new adventures and make new friends. To feel like we are really contributing as human beings while we’re here on Earth, a place all of us are longing for but rarely get to experience.

Being Happy is so important. It controls how we think, what we do and how we perceive things. It keeps a person open minded and positive, bringing a great energy flow into all things around us, making life more enjoyable…………



Carol’s Interview Recording


Why Coaching – Carol’s story MP3 Exclusive Interview – Hear Carol’s story… and why she does what she does.

WARNING! – You May Experience Happiness When You Discover The Solutions You’re Looking For!

Woman Thriving Meditation CD



Actively retraining your thoughts to create and increase success in your life. WTO (Woman’s Time Out) – Simple breathing technique to reduce the day to day pressures faced as a woman with a partner who works away. Energy Shift Tapping – When life feels stressful, exhausting and out of your control, it’s time to reprogram your feelings and bring you back into a state of calm and tranquility to put yourself back in-control of your surroundings. Protecting Home – Do you put off going to sleep at night for as long as you can because you are the only adult in the house and you feel worried? Do you lie in your bed listening for outside noises when your partner is away and not there to protect you? Yes, then this quick and easy nightly ritual meditation will help you protect your home while you are asleep. Success Chair – Let’s face it we could all use one of these even for the simplest of day to day tasks! Allow yourself to go on a journey to your own success chair to attract more of what you want into your life.